December 24th, 2007


my feet hurt

i walked and walked and walked and walked and climbed up and down stairs, including some that went up and down a rather large hill. they were made of hand quarried slabs of granite about 8'x1'x8". i have no idea how they were carried and fitted into the broad, flat, stairway i climbed. i commented to a fellow climber that the people here are small, and he said "yes, but there are a lot of them". makes sense, i guess. still, a monumental task.

the temples here are cool, but not quite on the level of angkor, not that i expected that they would be. my favorite thing is the monkeys clambering up and down the friezes of the main temple at dawn and dusk.

it is ridiculously touristy here :( all shops and restaurants and a parking lot as big as the whole town (i saw it from the top of the hill i climbed)

the land here is oddly reminiscent of the desert southwest, for those of you who know it. giant boulders strewn and stacked about the landscape. the thing that is different is climate. this is arizona with indigenous palm trees and temples :) cool!

it should be christmas eve for you guys by now. have a happy, whether you celebrate or not.