February 26th, 2008


taken from the narrow gauge train between kalka and simla

densely populated areas like this just appeared in the hills. no little villages, just huge clusters of concrete apartments. there are a lot of people in india.

i have no idea

on sections where there is only one set of tracks, the engineer must have this "key" to proceed. he picks it up from this man as he passes, and leaves it with another when the track splits again. the train coming in the other direction then does the reverse.

first view of simla


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i'm doing research for a friend who is setting up an online store to sell an extensive vinyl collection, everything from rock to jazz to classical. do any of you collect vinyl or know someone who does? what i'm looking for is help sifting through all the sites out there to find a few reputable sellers and a couple of good forums.

any help would be appreciated.