August 10th, 2008


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tikal was gorgeous. i have to say that angkor wat was far more impressive, but this was a very cool place in its own right. the sunrise was underwhelming, but i ditched the tour early, and managed to see all of tikal completely alone. i didn't see another tourist for two hours! it was wonderful wandering through the jungle with only birds and monkeys for company.

i had no need for another day, so yesterday i took a bus to rio dulce and spent the night in a room on stilts at the edge of the river, following a huge buffet which cost $7.

today, i have arrived in livingston, a garifuna settlement (look it up), where i will stay for a week or so, taking spanish lessons from a mexican woman i met on the bus from tikal, who owns a restaurant here. my first class tomorrow entails a trip to the nearby port town to buy stuff. should be fun.