May 20th, 2009


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the latest panicked squeal from the ultra left is
"OMG!!! Obama isn't going to close down Gitmo! He's just like Bush!"
Gitmo will be closed. the senate blocked funding today because the president hadn't submitted a detailed plan yet.


thursday, he will do just that. funding will be taken up again, and Gitmo will be closed.

the other piece of "evidence" given for Obama's identical twinnitude with Bush is
"OMG! he has reinstituted tribunals! He's just like Bush!"

NEWSFLASH: Obama's tribunals will operate under radically different rules from Bush's. Ordinary courts are not equipped to handle these trials.

Just for fun, let me mention the horrified cry of senators from both sides of the aisle:
"OMG! Obama is going to put terrorists in my back yard!!! He's worse than Bush!"

First of all, most of the detainees were not terrorists when they went in. They are just POWs. Only 13 will be tried in the above mentioned tribunals, and they are the only ones likely to be incarcerated in the US. We have a prison system quite capable of isolating and containing them. We have held far more dangerous people for decades. The rest will be repatriated or sent to another country willing to have them.

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Edward Burtynsky is one of the photographers my prof has shown us at the end of class. I particularly like his "shipbreaking" series. What happens to old tankers when they die? We send them to Bangladesh to be scrapped, of course.