July 14th, 2009


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honestly? i don't care if i never see acapulco again. we got lost on the way in last time and again from the other direction this time. traffic was horrible, and signs woefully inadequate. we had hoped to make it to zihuateneho today, but are instead at pie de la costa, a few miles past acapulco. an extra day to get to patzcuaro, but other than acapulco stress, all is basically well, except of course that my alignment is out from all the speedbumps, and i can't open my hood. i should be able to get the alignment done without too much trouble, but for the hood, i'd really like a toyota dealer. fortunately i don't need to check the oil and the car is running well. i may just wait the 12 days til i can take it to my own mechanic...

complaining out of the way, i have to say that this trip has made me fall in love with a lot of mexico. oaxaca is an incredibly beautiful state, as is chiapas. the entire pacific coast, barring cities, is spectacularly beautiful. even acapulco, if someone else does the driving. i can't wait to see patzcuaro, morelia, durango, zacatecas, etc.