August 23rd, 2009


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Barra Navidad, Jalisco, was one of my favorite stops on the trip. I felt like i could have stayed there for a couple of months. Small, quiet, clean, pretty, and friendly. There is a page of photos up at imagecentralamerica, along with two pages from Puerto Vallarta, notable for the wild statues along its boardwalk, and one small page of miscellaneous photos. All are in the new Jalisco section of the site.

please go visit!



mz flux posted this cartoon and i responded thusly...

maybe. i'd like to think that i'm not among those who had unrealistic expectations of obama. i find very little that he's actually done to be upset about. the soundbites riling up the left seem to become quite tame with just a little investigation. for example, common dreams writes that he is denying access to baghram prisoner lists the same day that the new york times reports that he is giving the lists to the red cross. we all wanted every american to miraculously leave iraq and afghanistan on jan 20, but come on...
and all the whining about health care and caving and the public option... it hasn't played out yet, not by a long shot. he really hasn't had the chance to actually finish anything, although the economy looks just a teensy bit better.