February 23rd, 2014


Buh Bye, Facebook

Five years over there. I got sucked in by the contact with so many from my past. It took a long while to realize how very superficial most of that contact, and indeed most of Facebook is. Henceforth I will be blogging at davidscottmoyer.wordpress.com. Why not LJ? Because LJ stopped developing. When the Russians bought it, it was frozen in its tracks. It is just the shadow of what it used to be. If there is one thing I have learned in life, it is that you can not go back, only forward. I migrated all of my posts on this journal over to wordpress, and will eventually figure out how to migrate farbel as well. I won't kill either, and I will be around occasionally, but barring a renaissance, that's all. Maybe some of you will move to wordpress. I hope so.