August 17th, 2021


Best review of my book yet!

I met this woman and her husband in Wichita, by chance. Mentioned my book in casual conversation and she ordered a copy on the spot. Here is what she had to say:

What a treat! The characters grabbed me from page one. I was impressed by the author's ability to keep the many characters distinct and relatable. Each character was made into someone I could see and hear as I read. I felt like I knew them.

There were plenty of details, and yet never did I find myself skimming ahead to skip over an overly expansive description, because there were none (unusual for me not to skim ahead!). All the details needed were provided, but never more than were needed. Some very important facts were dropped like Easter eggs in an open field. They were there and obvious, but the author trusted his readers to pick them up, without making a huge fuss over them.

Science fiction by its nature is a balance of suspending logic and having believable (within the suspension of logic) situations and mechanics. This book nailed it!

Having met the author randomly under a giant statue at the confluence of two rivers in what seemed like the opening of a great book itself, I was excited to buy his book. I love reading "first novels," and didn't expect it to be this GREAT! I had to double check his bio to be sure I had it right about it being his first, because this does NOT seem like a "first novel." It was more in the league of a Crichton or Koontz.

Nicely done! Now, I NEED that second book!