i (i) wrote,

the triennial was quite impressive. beautiful work, intriguing work, funny work, thought provoking work. not an insubstantial piece in the bunch, in my highly subjective opinion. the curators did a fine job. i couldn't get anyone to explain the process by which artists are chosen, but i did notice that all but one of the pieces were lent by galleries, so there was a faint whiff of money in the air. i was a bit more successful than in the past however, in that i left the museum armed with the name and number of one of the museum curators. i will be sure to be prepared before i make that call. there is also a new exhibit of chicano printmaking that i found substantially more satisfying than the latino paintings of a couple of months ago. again, my opinion is subjective. (back, ali!) i think a certain person mentioned in parentheses might like both of these exhibits a lot.

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