i (i) wrote,

so live journal may go away. i just want all of you to know that i will really miss you. i already miss a few who have left or severely curtailed their journalling. e-mail just isn't the same. i'm sure i would keep up with a few people that way, and some friendships would last, but i don't do e-mail well, and it doesn't lend itself to actual conversation or banter the way LJ does. and instant messaging is too quick. there is a tendency to be flip, to get more than one thread going at once, only occasionally do i have a really deep AIM conversation. plus, there is a past to LJ. if someone intrigues you, you can go back and learn a bit more about them, follow their journal to the present. i have taken a quick look over at blogger. it isn't the same. there seems to be a lot less give and take on entries. i really hope someone finds a way to preserve this place or something like it.

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