i (i) wrote,

hi all

sorry i disappeared for the weekend. had some difficulties with bill gates' version of the software he stole from steve jobs. i'll put up a coloring book tomorrow. i need to re-install a bunch of software.

had a wonderful dinner at pixelpusher's house last night. yummy hatch chili stew and a salad to die for, not to mention the guacamole! *drool*. also a bit of drooling going on over the madonna concert we watched on cable. i've always loved madonna. she is a lousy lyricist, but i admire the way she conducts herself in all aspects of her life, i like her music, and she's pretty damn hot for a woman two weeks older than i. :) a's dog harold is the best! 'nuff said. a's hubby m showed me the bmw video starring ms. ciccione. if you haven't seen it, go to www.bmwusa.com. i imagine its a big download, but worth it. see you all after i recussitate my puter.

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