i (i) wrote,

going through stacks of old snapshots, i found some more old work.

someone in tucson bought this

this was the temporary mural i did for steve's warehouse in tucson. it is the only time i have used a stenceil to paint the pattern.

this one was called spring. a friend's mom bought it.

when i had my gallery in tucson, i sold this to another gallery owner.

this was sold to a really good friend at the catholic church where i was maintenance man.

this was sold to someone else at the same church.

this one is called peace. last i knew, it was in san francisco.

this was one of eight bought by father brian bell, pastor of the above church. he was the closest thing to a patron i have ever had.

don't remember who bought this.

this was a christmas present for a gf's mom.

this one also belongs to fr. brian.

these two i left at my most recent ex's house. i won't be back for them.

this one i bartered for a queen sized bed.

this was bought by a guy in tucson who later saw me at an outdoor show and bought another.

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