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I bought one of those mini tape recorders the other day, because I am always thinking of things while I drive (I drive about 30 hours a week), and they usually slip away. So here are a couple of thoughts from the last couple of days:

to the palestinians and israelis: you both worship the same god. your god tells you to love each other. but because you get this message from a different book, or from a different mouth, you kill each other. you are fools.

the liquid yellow sun drips from the sky, scalding my skin and bleaching the blue from my eyes.

brilliant white clouds stacked against a perfect blue

for all you so called christians out there, christ was no fucking capitalist. if your bank account dwindles, he sure doesn't care. greed and sloth are your way of life, and that's OK, that's your right, just don't come preaching to me about your god and his might. not when you and the devil are living so tight

lightning raises the hairs on the back of my neck, a reminder from god that she can take me out whenever she wants.
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