i (i) wrote,


you are an ordinary guy, but your dad happens to have been president, so you land a job as the governor of your home state. a pretty soft position, your powers are limited, so your responsibility level is limited. suddenly, because you were named after your father, you are "drafted" to run for president. you never expect to win. maybe you secretly hope you won't. but money pours in like investors chasing tech stocks in 1999. you win.

at first, it seems like a pretty good gig. everything seems to be going your way.

and then...

two planes crash into the world trade center and the pentagon, killing thousands. you suffer all the horror, pain, loss, terror, and anger that everyone witnessing it did. then... you remember that you and only you must make all the ultimate decisions, and take responsibility for the consequences of what you choose to do or not to do, in response to this horror.

maybe it is better that we have a president who has not craved that power his whole life.

i admire president bush for his ability to stand up in the face of this. i could not.

i thank him and all those making decisions of monumental importance right now. i could not do that job, and someone must.

thank you pigue for the post that gave me this perspective.

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