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the insidious manipulation of your conscience by the entertainment media

i posted this in my other journal when it was my only journal and no-one was reading it. invisibella's post this morning prompted me to re-run it here.

By the way, I include the news media under entertainment, since they are purely ratings driven and no longer even put up a pretense of being balanced, accurate or even honest.

Have you ever noticed how you are manipulated into experiencing pleasure at the suffering and or death of another human being. This happens on a regular basis on TV and in movies. First, they show someone doing something particularly abhorrent, such as a particularly nasty murder, or, better yet, rape, or still better, the rape/murder of a child. Then they take you through a period of suspense building, chasing around trying to catch this evil person before another brutal crime. Sometimes they build up your hatred a little more by adding other victims, or putting the star of your favorite show in harm's way, but in the end, it is always the same thing. The killer dies, and you enjoy it. In the space of an hour or less (40 minutes without commercials), you have been manipulated into wanting and then enjoying the death of another human being. The news media does the same thing. They repeat the same sensationalist stories over and over and over until we believe we live in the most dangerous nation on earth, and we are all clamoring for the government to kill all the bad guys for us. We are a nation of sheep, and sheep can be very violent animals in the hands of clever wolves.

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