i (i) wrote,

ten questions (please answer above in my poll :))

1 - what is the point of national borders, if not to keep "them" from getting what "we" have?
2 - what do you suppose would happen if all borders were eliminated?
3 - do you think there will ever be a world government? is this a good thing?
4 - if everyone had equal access to the earth's resources, do you think we as americans would be better off or worse?
5 - do you think that "survival of the fittest" should apply to humans?
6 - do you think the world is overpopulated?
7 - do you think human reproduction should be controlled?
8 - do you believe capitalism is compatible with christianity?
9 - do you believe socialism is equivalent to communism?
10- do you believe humans are inherently violent, or inherently peaceful?

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