i (i) wrote,

i was driving out to a site this morning when the plane went down. i slammed my hand into the steering wheel as all the sorrow and horror that had just slipped out on the tide of everyday life roared back in like a tidal wave. "No! dammit! NO NO NO! not again!" disposeable contact lenses don't last as long when you cry a lot. i was at a particularly beautiful spot today, i wish i could have taken a better picture of this little guy. his colors were spectacular. he was walking his 3" body across the road. i just missed him and stopped to take his picture.

i hope he made it across. this is a particularly beautiful area. as soon as deer season is over, i'll go back out and take a lot of pics. too many guns going off right now. this was in the middle of the road on the way back:

i really hope what happened this morning was a horrible accident and not another mass murder.

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