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two years ago phoenix was divided into three area codes. this was after a year when people were allowed to dial the old primary area code by accident and still get through. i have the same number, different area code, as a doctors' office. i get several calls a day from people who still haven't figured out that they need to dial ten digits. i'm usually relatively polite. what i don't get is the ones who get my voice mail, listen to the long, detailed message that has nothing to do with a doctors' office, and then leave a message "Hello, this message is for Dr. Snipes, please tell him his mother got in safely" there is absolutely no way that anyone even slightly aware could misinterpret my message to be that of a doctor. one day, a woman called, and when i answered, clearly stating the name of the company i work for, said, "Yes, i'd like to schedule a gyneological appointment." my response was, "You might want to call a doctor for that. " i wish i could have seen her face.
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