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someone i care deeply about is hurting really badly right now. her mother has cancer. lymphatic. she is starting chemo today, but as you probably know, once it gets into the lymph nodes...she dj's on the local community station occasionally. todays show was heartrending. i did a lot of crying for her.

today is my mom's birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MOM! she is impossible to shop for since she honestly doesn't want anything, so i'm getting her something ridiculous, which i'm sure she will enjoy.

the closing on my phoenix house is tomorrow. :) i signed my part of it already. nice to have that out of the way.

i am incredibly divided on what has transpired in afghanistan. no need to go into the pluses and minuses, they have been explored ad infinitum here and elsewhere. i wish i trusted my government more, though, and i wish it trusted me more.

feeling nicely sore from two consecutive days at the gym. i had almost forgotten that i had pecs. they are making their presence known now, i assure you!

still copying cd's

eagerly anticipating the arrival of my fledermaus creation

still not unpacked

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