i (i) wrote,

for a couple of days, the images were repeated over and over, from every imaginable angle. each new amateur videomaker getting a flash of the spotlight. slow motion, reverse, perverse self flagellation of horror. then all of a sudden... nothing. an occasional brief glimpse of one or two images. the newsmagazines had their glossy spreads a week later, but now it is as if we have all suppressed any images that might make us relive that day. we don't even describe it as it was. we just say 9-11, or the events of september 11th, or the attack on america, or some such euphemism for the day four planes carrying about 200 people were hijacked and deliberately flown into the two largest buildings in the world, completely destroying them and killing thousands, and into the headquarters of the most powerful military in the world, killing 187, and ,only by virtue of incomprehensible bravery, not into whatever the fourth target was. i have spent a lot of time grieving for the dead. i have also spent a lot of time second guessing the response of my government, as is, i believe, my patriotic duty. however i feel about what has transpired since, none of it has horrified me as that day did. if you don't want to be reminded, don't click

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