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every once in a while, i consult this oracle, not because i have any particular belief in the paranormal, but because it is particularly good at pointing my thoughts in useful directions. i asked today about a particular situation that i will not go into here and got this:

1. How you are feeling at this moment, what is on your mind and the nature of your question.


to grasp, interpret & articulate Sun in Aquarius or in the Eleventh House

It’s not enough to possess profound insight or ideas only you can understand. If you are to realize your knowledge, you must communicate your truth. Look at this image in three ways:

1) as one person grasping the green substance with both hands 2) as this same person holding onto it 3) as one person passing it onto someone else. (Let the green substance symbolize anything worth knowing.) This reflects the trinary function of the most basic unit of biological intelligence, the neuron, in its capacity for absorbing, storing and transmitting information &Jor energy. All three phases must be active before natural, or native, intelligence can fully realize. When it does, anything is possible.

2. The factors influencing you and what is happening around you.

the forgiving power of compassion Sun in Pisces or in the Twelfth House

Things may be tough but they’re not hopeless. Whatever difficulties and setbacks you may’ve drawn to yourself, you are still within heanng range of your Holy Guardian Angel. To be heard by this presence of high benevolence, be ready to openly confess your true feelings; not the state you should or could be in, if only this, that or the other were different, but the way things actually are. When self- judgements and biased beliefs fall way, you are more free to stand in the light of your naked truth to be seen, known, and loved for who you are before the grace of a forgiving angel.

3. The direction you need to take to resolve any problems before you.


an open-ended detour to your plans Mars in Pisces or in the Twelfth House

Your actions are about to take an unexpected turn. At first this new direction may seem vague or pointless. If you follow it, however, it may bring you places you never thought existed. Esoterically, this refers to the ancient Taoist practice of Wu-wei or, "aimless wandering", leading to the nowhere of now here. This image symbolizes a much needed break from familiar and circuitous routines. If you have the time, take the turn. If you don’t have the time, take the turn, anyway. No matter where you go, there you are!

4. overview

the benevolence of existence
Sun in Taurus or in the Second House

Things may be better than you thought; maybe too good to be true? That depends on how good you are. This image symbolizes the revelation many Buddhists call our "basic goodness," the benevolence distinct to human nature. When placing trust in the unfolding lotus of each passing moment, a discovery: "Whatever happens, ilfe is good." Not necessarily easy, but essentially good. Granted, it takes an open mind to keep trusting your basic goodness and the goodness of others amidst disappointment delusion, and adversity. Trust anyway; it gives strength and brings out the best in others.

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