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pageeater has commisioned me to create a painting inspired by and populated by my impressions of some of her favorite livejournal friends. coincidentally some of them are very special to me as well. some of them i don't know at all. she has asked me to document the process in some way here. i'm not sure if i will mention any or all of the people involved. i'm not even sure how this is going to work. a couple of the journallers involved have already taken virtual-visual form in my mind's eye. those i know best will be easiest. it may be that there is no identifiable attribute to some or all in the finished work, but the inspiration will definitely be there. i intend to spend a lot of time at each journal over the next couple of weeks as i finish my current evolution. then we'll see what happens. this is a wonderful commission, perhaps the only kind i can happily accept, since the guidelines are so abstract in themselves. thank you!
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