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cross-posted from my response to charles (and extended)

"I suspect they chose him because he's representative of the way the US has reacted to the first foreign attack on its soil since the Civil War."

that's pretty much how the editor who chose him put it. i understand why they didn't put bin laden on the cover even though technically he fits their own criteria to a tee. personally, i think giuliani, who had an approval rating in the 20's before sept 11th, now is in a position to run for governor simply by riding the wave and acting strong. if i were in charge of the cover, it would have shown a NYC fireman's uniform folded and sitting on a field of black. that would have illustrated the american spirit and our response to attack and tragedy better than giuliani ever could. our country has changed since sept 11th not just because mediocre leaders have risen above themselves to statesmanship, but because ordinary americans everywhere have risen above the mundane, from the firemen climbing to their deaths to the long lines at blood banks. from the passengers who overpowered the hijackers over pennsylvania to the special forces on the ground calling in attacks so close to themselves that they died when bombs went off course. and, yes, also those among us who have bravely exercised their right as americans to dissent, wearing their pacifism as a small but very bright flag in a sea of red white and blue fervor. i don't count myself among that number, but i proudly accept them as americans and acknowledge the truth of much that they say. i grew up in the new york area, watching the towers rise as they were built. i went to school and lived in NYC for three years. I spent many hours within and atop the WTC. I have two friends who worked there, one of whom was there and just made it out. my company lost 13 people in tower II. but i am not capable of looking at pictures of mangled bodies in an afghan village without compassion. are you? really? is that human?

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