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more creepy stuff for halloween

this was lifted from www.petergabriel.com

Stanley Milgram was a professor in New Haven in the 60s. He conducted an experiment on authority and obedience. An advertisement had been placed in the local newspaper for volunteers to take part in an experiment on punishment and learning. The volunteers were divided into two groups - teachers and students. The students, who were in fact actors, were taken into the laboratory and connected to electric terminals, while the genuine volunteers (teachers), were taken into the control room where they were seated in front of a box with which they could administer electric shocks to the so-called students. The teachers were then asked to test the student and, at each mistake, to increase the electric shock punishment button by button. This could be raised as far as thirty-second, (marked by a triple X) which they believed was sufficient to injure the student. However, the real experiment was to discover how far volunteers would act against their own moral code before disobeying authority. In the main experiment 63% were prepared to go to the triple X position rather than disobey authority.

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