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The genes of Bob Dylan at work

I've Been Delivered - The Wallflowers (Jakob Dylan)

I could break free, From the wood of a coffin, If I need, But nothing's as hard as, Getting free from places, I've already been, I've been waste deep, In the burning meadows, Of my mind, In the engine in cold December, shooting fire from the hose, now turn off your lights, 'cause I'm not coming home 'till I'm delivered for the first time, I was born to a parade, It follows in rows, Down a narrow cold black river, Faceless shadows, Moving slow, I would move swift when, The sounds of a trumpet would blow, I've been the puppet, I've been the strings, I know the vacant face it brings, Now the bells of curfew, They may ring before I'm through, But soon, I'll be delivered for the first time, You might keep clean, In the back of an angel motorcade, It doesn't matter who walks in, You know the joke is still the same, You'll just wake up, Like a disposable lover, Decomposed, I've been gone, I've been remembered, I've been alive, I've been a ghost, Now if downtown explodes, I'll still be on this road, Till I'm delivered for the first time, I have drawn blood, From the neckline, When vampires were in fashion, You know I'd even learn, To cut my throat, If I thought I could fit in, 'cause I once heard, That you've just gotta learn, How to blend in to this mess, Where nothing's hard, Nothing's precious, Nothing's smooth or flawless, Now, No more amused, Just screaming to be delivered, For the first time, I've been delivered, Now I'm ten miles, In the deep, And the mighty blue sea, Looking back towards a long white beach, Burning up into yellow flames, And I just wave back, Like a little boy up on pony, In a show, 'cause I can't fix, Something this complex, anymore than I can build a rose, So just keep on letting go, 'cause I must be close, To being delivered for the first time, Now I'd rather bleed out, A long stream from being lonely, And feel blessed, Than drown, laying face down, In a puddle of respect, I was once lost, In the corridors of the arena, In blindfolds, I've been the bull, I've been the whip, I just pulled down the matador, So now, turn on your lights, 'cause I'm coming home, I've been delivered for the first time.

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