i (i) wrote,

evolution 7, part 5 and a detail

the ghostly images of pages appearing.

almost my entire association with sara wolfe has been about her pages, all 83 of them, that she has been preparing for consumption.

the pages of this livejournal community, at once solid and illusory, intersecting and overlapping each other, sending out cautious tendrils of communication, seeking nourishment.

pages eaten and to be eaten

three new colors

one more blue, deeper and more pure.

sara wolfe gave this color to herself. papoose concurred and called it cobalt.

pageeater gave it to intenselee

pigue, bandicoot, and sarah wolfe gave it to pageeater

papoose gave it to muse, as did i, representing the sea.

lianna gave azure blue to lique

bandicoot gave bright blue to judas

muse gave denim blue to pigue

lianna was given blue by pigue, bandicoot, and allyn

pigue, intenselee, bandicoot, allyn and i all gave it to taiyosan, so i suppose this is his color most of all.

deep, earth brown

this belongs to pigue, papoose, allyn, lique, and taiyosan, all grounded comfortably in their own ways.

lavendar purple

one of my favorite colors, i use it a lot. fun because it contrasts strongly with both warm and cool colors.

definitely a hippie color for allyn :)

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