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Officially on vacation today! A bit tarnished by the fact that my last act on the job was to run into a car with the company truck, but one of my co-workers has totalled three this year, so the repercussions should be minor. Anyway, I'm going to paint all day today. I haven't done that in way to long. Eight more years til I retire to paint full time. (And Counting) Tomorrow, I think I'll take pita for a hike in the mountains and see how she likes it. Eventually, I'd like to be able to take her on long hikes with her carrying her own water, food , etc. They have these really cool backpacks for doggies. I also must take her to the lake, She is ridiculously afraid of water. She won't even walk through a puddle! I need to pick her up, walk out about 20 feet and let her go. Monday, clean house and do laundry. Then... Tuesday I am off to New England! Vermont to see my sister and Maine to see my folks. One week, followed by another in New Mexico when I get back (pita gets to go on that one.

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