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another trip to the 99¢ bin has yielded a pearl of a cd named mute, by the band catchers. i got a promotional copy of their first cd, released in 1994. a second was released in 1998. i will be looking for it. no information has turned up on a third. these four look so young in their photos, i would place them in their late teens, but they produce lyrics like these:

song for autumn

this is a song from beneath the ground
i only echo octobers sound
belly-kissed into some half-life
standing naked to be crucified

on tempered plains we speak in flames
questions ripping against the grain
children scream at the already-framed
we are too restless to shoulder the blame

i don't mean to tie you down
i just don't know where it's coming from
this emptiness leads to craving

my autumn, no-one alive could touch her wisdom
her glint was jewelled and fired in heaven's pool
my precious cousin, my twin, my second skin
the only thing i ever fought to win

don't suffocate what you want to protect
she'll rise for air and then you'll start her descent
far from the garden you built to impress
she is the angel your friends will undress


beauty no. 3

in her sleeping years deeply slung within a hammock made of skin
she opened caverns to the hunger of the lost and their kin
they fed on her vanity and soon they both became content
men cut holes in her body but she was so confident
with your eyes and sorcery came beauty number 3
can't you see the tragedy as your dream begins to leave
while a traveller began to gore upon her she looked deep into the ground
and momentary floods of thought unstyled and mystified rained down
on to her pretty head and she began to feel afraid
and when she woke she found her beauty had decayed
and no one goes close to her den they wait for the moment when
she is dreaming of her men in case she accuses them
she mourns the existence of time while though she's empty
all ahe feels is tense and so she passes her time
by dreaming for the strength of children with your beauty you deceived
come simple number 3 can't you see the tragedy
as you lose your only dream i loved you for yourself
i never needed anything else
oh beauty number 3
she could be anything you wanted her to be
beautiful blank, beauty number 3


cotton dress

sprawled out over the windfall
of this, the bloated, browning month
apple bruises on my thighs
and the flush from your yawning smile

fasten your teeth on my soul
and we shall roll and flow for evermore

you in your cotton dress
you in your innocence
life screams its fury from your eyes
all jaded and alive

my feet are in the water
waiting foir the tide to come
the whisper in the corner
does its best to make me numb
my ear to your cage
your pulse in my hand
eyeing up the child
fingering the dead
swallowing your flow
your teeth on my neck
coil me full of hate
and bend me out of shape

death is just down the hallway
when i fall i hear him ask
how many rooms
have you entered?
how many rooms
have you passed?

how much darker does it get?

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