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Vanilla Sky

Peter attended the premiere of Vanilla Sky on 21st January, for which the re-mastered version of Solsbury Hill was used (the soundtrack is out now on Reprise Records,) where he also met the film's director, Cameron Crowe.

Re-Mastered PG Catalogue

The first of the re-mastered PG catalogue looks set for release when Shaking The Tree goes out on the shelves as part of Virgin's Best Of campaign at the end of February. The rest of the PG re-mastered catalogue should be gracing the shelves by the end of April (TBC).

Rabbit Proof Fence

Peter's soundtrack to Rabbit Proof Fence (premiering in Australia on 4th February) is planned for release at the end on May...and if all goes well we could be seeing UP coming out as early as September this year - the album is now at the final mixing stage...

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