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in the wake of this extraordinary election, i hear a lot of pundits (should be a four letter word) talking about how the close vote indicates how very divided our country is. as usual, they are talking out of a hole somewhat south of their mouths. the election was close because both parties, while actually markedly different in their agendas, have done everything possible to fool the voters from the other camp into thinking they are similar. Clinton did it in 92 and again in 96, "stealing" the GOP issues. Bush did it this year. The Republican platform hasn't changed a bit, but Bush put forth proposals on Social security, Education (I love how the Republicans use the word "choice" every chance they get), Prescription Drugs, patients rights. None of his plans stood up to close scrutiny, but the average voter doesn't look closely, so the mere proposal made it look as if Bush was much closer to what they want than he actually is. Making it appear that he was a "compassionate conservative" brought the election down to personality, which he won easily, and character, which the stain of Clinton gave him also. I don't think a Bush presidency will be as destructive as Democrats fear or a Gore presidency as awful as Republicans believe. Both will have to deal with a divided congress. Neither of their grandios plans or promises will make it past the gridlock on capital hill. The only reason I hope Gore ends up winning is his promise to present the McCain-Feingold bill to congress. 3 BILLION dollars were spent on this campaign. this is sickening. for our country to survive, we MUST have a system of one person one vote. Not one of one dollar one vote. Bush has no interest in campaign finance reform, he spent 60 MILLION dollars in South Carolina alone to defeat the best candidate we had this year, John McCain, more that either candidate spent in the entire election 4 years ago. If Gore wins, I will consider his campaign finance promise like Bush Sr.'s no taxes pledge. If he welches, no vote next time. Damn, this is exciting! I am a political nut, and a horserace like this fires me up, even though I don't particularly like either guy. Hillary in 2008!

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