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while americans were squabbling over which of two inadequate candidates had won the white house, israel fired two missiles into an suv that contained a man who allegedly organized some of the recent protests against the israeli occupation of the west bank. in the process, they killed two elderly women who were standing nearby. the israelis had several helecopters in the area. they could have landed and arrested the man and then put him on trial. instead, they shot rockets at him. does the american jewish community really support this kind of action? everything the israeli government has been doing in the past few weeks has seemed way out of proportion. a few palestinians throw rocks, so israel shoots some palestinians. a couple of palestinians shoot back, so israel bombs palestinian targets, and now this. 200 palestinians have died protesting an occupation that israel pledged to end. not one palestinian act of violence has occurred in israel yet. i can imagine what the response will be once israel pushes the palestinians to that level of desperation.

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