i (i) wrote,

muse's first day here was everything i hoped. her journal doesn't lie, folks. this is one very special woman. i am exceedingly jealous of scaedu. after 16 hours of recovery sleep from her 12 hour journey here, we went for breakfast at my favorite coffee shop, followed by a leisurely stroll through Saguaro National Park, filled with curious questions from the muse (who will know more about my home than i in no time). then a tour of the Sonoran Desert Museum, to answer the questions I couldn't and to see the animals. We took buddy for a walk in the park at sunset. (the two of them are totally in love, btw). Then wine bread and cheese and more talk into the night. she actually fell asleep at the same time as i, lol. this brings the number of you i have met to 12, with nary a disappointment. sure says something about this place, no?
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