i (i) wrote,

solar for my house

the downside: i can't afford the maximum possible, which would cover my winter usage and half of my summer usage.

the upsides: i can get half of that now and upgrade fairly cheaply later. the city of tucson will foot some of the bill, as will the state, and there is a bill in congress to get me a rebate from them too. i can also put a couple of wind turbines on my roof which will help at certain times of year, and are cheap. the owner of the company likes my paintings and may barter for part of the cost. :):)

so, i am going to get a one kW system with the wiring and inverter in place to accomodate a 2 kW system down the road, maybe next year. i will also be turning my computer off when i'm not using it now. i had no idea how much power it uses just sitting here. and i will be buying a new refrigerator, which could cut my usage by as much as 25%. i'll probably put up a wind turbine in a couple of months, and another next year.

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