i (i) wrote,

Solar Kills
by Steve Clark

I was first exposed to solar radiation
When I was just a kid down at the beach
It turned my skin bright red and that night when I went to bed
It hurt so bad I could hardly sleep

The next day the skin was peeling off my body
I cried and screamed and ran to tell my mom
She told me not to cry, said I probably wouldn't die
But that I ought to stay out of the sun

So, I don't want no solar radiation
You can keep those solar panels far away
It'll peel the paint right off your car and did you ever see a candy bar
That was left out in the sun for just a day?

I'm not listening to them hippie weirdoes
Or those scientific commie leftist cranks
When they come up to me saying, "Solar Energy!"
I'll tell 'em, "Solar? No thanks!"

Now you know that coal will never make you drop a baseball
And oil won't take your dark hair and turn it light
And at a nuclear power plant you'll find you can stare at the tower and you won't go blind
And they don't have to close down for the night

I suppose those plants might have a little meltdown, sure,
But the sun could super-nova any day!
Those panels put a drain on it and I don't want no strain on it
Cause when it blows you can't just run away

So, I'm not listening to them hippie weirdoes
Or those scientific commie leftist cranks
When they come up to me sayin, "Solar Energy!"
I'll tell 'em, "Solar? No thanks!"
"Solar? No thanks!"

[Recorded by Jon Sirkis on his album "The Wild West"
available from Boulder Folk Records
2888 Bluff St. #492
Boulder, CO 80301]

i knew both of these guys when i first lived in tucson. i wish i knew where they are now.

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