i (i) wrote,

this is the first house i lived in when i moved out in 83. i shared the right side of the duplex with holly and jennifer. i later moved to san francisco with holly for 15 months.

this looks a lot nicer than it used to. i had a corner room facing the mountains on the top floor, but i had to share a bathroom.

this is where i lived with becky (my favorite ex) and our friend margaret.

i moved in here after becky and i split up. when i moved back to tucson last year, i sold my truck to a kid who lives in the exact same apartment i had.

"hello, 911? i'd like to report a very large man with an axe at stone and glenn."

i lived here with nicole until she broke up with me and then with my oldest friend dennis until i moved to phoenix. this house should be condemned.

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