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There is no way I believe that the sun, moon, stars, or planets have anything to do with your personality. Well, maybe the moon, a little because it actually exerts a tidal force on us, and some human cycles seem to loosely follow its rotation around the earth. But not in the way claimed by afficionados of astrology. There is, however, the inescapable fact that we are likely to have certain traits that can be fairly accurately predicted by the date you were born. Celestial Bodies are just a good way of marking the time of birth. My theory, built on a minimal knowledge of human pop pshychology, instinct, and artistic license, is that it has to do with the order in which a baby first experiences the seasons. I was born at the end of august, so when I came home from the hospital, it was sunny, warm, and bright. People were outside a lot, kids were out of school, etc. By the time I was actually becoming aware of my surroundings (here I will digress from accuracy, because I am woefully uninformed on the actual speed of child development), it is winter. People are inside, not as cheerful overall. I am bundled up when I go out, I might get a cold. Then, when I am starting to walk, it is spring. Outside all the time, exploring nature. People happy, bright colors, school gets out again, birds. You get the idea. So much development is crammed into the first few months/years of a child's life, and the environment changes so much depending on when that life starts. So, if you buy this theory, are astrological traits reversed in the southern hemisphere?

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