i (i) wrote,

goals for this weekend:

1 - get as many new images up on the site as possible. all the paintings in the evolutions section need to be added to either the new or sold sections, and i have a lot of work that has never been on the site at all.

2 - get packages in the mail for low_delta and muse.

3 - finish evolution 9.

4 - start evolution 11 :).

5 - give buddy a haircut and a bath.

6 - figure out my expenses

goals for the summer:

1 - paint at least 30 hours a week.

2 - spend at least 10 hours a week promoting my work.

3 - work at least one river trip in the grand canyon.

4 - find someone with a car/truck to go hiking with. (preferably female and single)

5 - look for a job i would be happy to get up for every day.

6 - paint my house (many colors)

7 - lose all the pounds i don't need

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