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what better time to do one of these...

1. How you are feeling at this moment, what is on your mind and the nature of your question.
a euphoric absence of suffering

Jupiter in Cancer or in the Fourth House

Amidst the daily toils of the labyrinth exist vertical pools of intoxicating bliss, where you can experience a temporaiy alleviation of suffering.

When pain subsides, what remains is your natural self: expanded & serene. The black storm clouds symbolize painful resistances still in eftect; blue skies, the partial clearing away of distress. It’s time to become more receptive to what feels good within and around you. Here, happiness isn’t necessarily a matter of belief so much as attitude. When emotional or psychic pain distort your attitude, you can let the hurt go

by dropping that attitude.


2. The factors influencing you and what is happening around you.
a tendency for something to happen

Sun in Gemini or in the Third House

There’s good reason to be optimistic about the situation, as long as you realize it hasn’t

completely materialized. There are still options to consider. This tower represents a multi-purpose structure; equal parts laboratory, temple and watch tower. These three parts serve processes

of transformation, worship and perspective. Note the ambiguous light and weather; is it sunrise or sunset? Sunny or stormy? More ambivalent tones of change. An arc of cut diamonds conveys the desired results that

demand a skill for distilling from raw potential, an utterly brilliant crystallization. This takes time and commitment to one direction and a sacrifice

of other possibilities.


3. The direction you need to take to resolve any problems before you.

an open-ended detour to your plans Mars in Pisces or in the Twelfth House

Your actions are about to take an unexpected turn. At first this new direction may seem vague or pointless. If you follow it, however, it may bring you places you never thought existed. Esoterically, this refers to the ancient Taoist practice of Wu-wei or, "aimless wandering", leading to the nowhere of now here. This image symbolizes a much needed break from familiar and circuitous routines. If you have the time, take the turn.

If you don’t have the time,

take the turn, anyway.

No matter where you go,

there you are!

i now return you to the real world

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