i (i) wrote,

since my previous post was misunderstood at least once... maybe i ought to elaborate.

guns don't kill people, people do

on a superficial level, that is true, and it fits on a bumpersticker, which appeals to charlton heston's flock.

however, guns make killing someone a lot easier in a lot of ways.

schoolyards didn't have murders until guns proliferated in the hundreds of millions across the country. they had fist fights, and in rare cases, knifings.

before drive-by shootings, the ultimate example of how guns appeal to cowards, gangs actually had to fight each other.

when we had a chicken in every pot instead of a pistol in every bedstand, children didn't accidentally kill each other by the thousands every year.

before it became commonplace to have guns in the house, marital difficulties resulted in fights or divorce, not death.

we used to give each other the finger on the highway, not a bullet in the head.

etc. etc.

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