i (i) wrote,

i just found out that the company who sold me my solar power lied about several things:

1 - the 120 watt panels they installed only produce 75-80 watts each, so i don't make enough with the "1000" watt system they sold me to cross the threshold of 800 watts and get my rebate from Tucson Electric.

2 - Tucson Electric has told them repeatedly about this. I just spent a half hour on the phone with the guy in charge of testing the systems.

3 - they never submitted the rebate application they claimed to have sent two months ago

4 - Tucson Electric does not purchase any extra power at the end of the year at wholesale prices (power i produce in the winter does apply to my summer usage). they get it free.

it's not quite as bad as it sounds, although i wish i had discovered this while i was still employed. a couple more panels will push me above the rebate threshold, and everything after that qualifies for additional reimbursements. once i get the ten panels i plan on, i will still be virtually energy independent. the thing is, a couple of months ago, when i should have found this out, i could easily have bought two more panels. now, at 650 a pop, i have to wait at least until next year's tax return.

i wish they had put all those lies in writing...

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