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while we were all focused on the pledge of allegiance, the supreme court was upholding school vouchers. the statute in question was fought as a violation of the first amendment's religion clause. however you feel about that arguement, i think the real issue is the abandonment of education for the poor. every middle class family who uses these vouchers to send their child to private school takes money from all the families who can't afford to make up the difference between the inadequate voucher and the cost of private school. poor schools are already woefully underfunded because of the built in inequity of the property tax method of raising money. now even more money will be pulled out of our crumbling public education system.even in 1963, when i went to my first year of school in scotland, public schools there were teaching their children at a level far beyond what we saw here. now we have public schools in the US who can't even afford textbooks. all vouchers do is to further insure that the rich get a better education than the poor.

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