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i'm so glad i waited and didn't do anything precipitous about the solar problem. K (the owner) came by this afternoon. she made this proposal: they would get me one of the systems that TEP sells and remove the one i have. This would get me $1000 immediately in cost difference, and $2000 later in the rebate. i would lose the extra inverter capacity for my second kilowatt, though, and next time around i would have to buy another entire 1K system. the end cost would be about what i am already spending.

i countered with this: since you already are taking a painting in trade, take a larger one and give me two panels installed, which will bring me up to the rebate level for TEP.

K agreed but only on the condition that i take three panels. she also is interested in bartering for the balance of my full system over time. and she may give me some part time work as well.

so, end result: i get three more panels, my rebate, and possibly my entire second kilowatt in trade for art, and a part time job.

oh, also. at one point she asked if i could sweat pipe. i said i knew how but hadn't done it, although i have some i need done. she said any time i want to learn, come on over to the shop and they will teach me and let me practice on their scrap pipe.

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