i (i) wrote,

4th of july ramble.

that's what it's really all about, too. independence from empire. we began a wave of revolutions against colonial powers that swept the globe. our constitution is the model of models for emerging democracies. we are the most powerful nation on earth, no-one can stand against us, yet our borders have not expanded. we are not perfect, but our government has a built in capability for change. we are not locked by dogma. we have a system that constantly reinvents and reinterprets itself. alive, not static. we have acted and continue to act selfishly around the world, but to a vastly greater extent we have acted and continue to act generously. it is painful to see a self-serving idiot surrounded by a cadre of blatant industrialists take the reins of the nation i love, but i take comfort in the fact that there are checks and balances, and that we will learn from our mistakes eventually and grow, because we are allowed to do so. i am allowed to call my president an idiot. i am allowed to publicize his gaffes and wrongdoing without fear of reprisal, and i can campaign vigorously and openly to have him replaced in four years, or sooner if he deserves it. our system is a flexible, evolving one, and that is what makes it strong. we alone have the capability to lead the entire world into peace and prosperity if we look forward with hope instead of fear. we are powerful enough to feed more and kill less. we have the technology to clean up and preserve the environment of the earth. we have a strong foundation of morality and respect for human rights and the strength to promote it worldwide. we are a nation of good people with the power to make our government do the right thing. my charge to you this july 4th is to exercise your right of speech and your duty to vote. don't avoid politics, embrace it. give our system an infusion of activism, bring it to life, and the entire world will benefit.

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