i (i) wrote,

when i first got laid off, i told everyone that if they had occasional part time work, i'd be interested. i've been doing 10-15 hours for a friend of a friend on a home they just bought. i go in for 3-5 hours and go home when i want. another friend who has a landscape company just asked me to help out for 3 days next week, which means i'm working four. more than i would like, but i get some cheap trees out of the deal, and i don't mind the cash either. then i just got a call from yet another friend, and had to turn him down because i'm already working :) when it rains it pours, i guess. the only drawback is that i won't get as much painting done next week. i do intend to get my mailing out to local designers, though. i'll post my cover letter for your approval when it's ready.
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