i (i) wrote,

remember Daily Doodles? if you don't, here is the painter's digest version. about a year ago i was in a bit of a slump, painting-wise, so i started doing a small drawing every day and posting it. eventually the juices got flowing again and i stopped in favor of picking up a brush. at the time, a couple of people wanted to know if they could buy doodles. i don't remember who it was, but now you can, if you are so inclined. all of them are permanent marker and/or prismacolor pencil on archival quality bristol paper. the daily doodles are mostly 4"x5" (a couple are larger), and the sunday ones are around 8"x10" or so. the dailies are $10 including P&H and the sundays are $20.

dailies 1

dailies 2


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