i (i) wrote,

i think pretty much all of us will agree that as a culture americans have begun to think of all of their possessions as disposeable, leaving aside sentimental value. lets explore that idea.

when our toaster breaks, most of us throw it away and buy a new one. we may not throw away our cars every time they break, but we do trade them in every few years for a new one.

even location, home, has become disposeable. we up and move several times in a lifetime. families are scattered across the country or around the globe. and every time we move, we give up an old community for a new one.

i believe we are now putting our country and the world in jeopardy by treating public policy as disposeable.

don't like public schools? get rid of 'em. make up something new. don't like a treaty? throw it out. make up a new one. don't like your predecessor's policy or programs? junk 'em. start over from scratch.

this results in less efficient, more expensive government; it destroys or severely damages continuity from one administration to the next, complicates our legal system, and is stagnating our progress as a society.

we need to start treating our public policy the way people used to treat their posessions. if it is broken, fix it. don't throw it out.

this applies to every part of government, from education to national security.

we don't need to tear down our public schools and start from scratch. we need to fix the tremendous asset we already have.

we don't need a brand new spy agency to spiff up the image of the ones we have. we need to fix them.

we don't need to throw out the idea of people owning guns, we just need to adapt it to changes that have taken place since the second amendment was written.

we don't have to throw away capitalism, we just have to make sure it doesn't overeat.

this is not necessarily to say that we should never throw anything away, just less often and less abruptly. obviously when your shirt is full of holes, you throw it away.

but you could always use it as a rag...

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