i (i) wrote,

the email i just sent to lj abuse

it has recently come to my attention that you have put lj user ana on notice that she may not promote her work or sell anything through her journal.

i have two permanent accounts, one integrally attached to my website. both are occasionally used to promote and try to sell my artwork. that is part of my life. it will continue to be part of my journals, even if my journals have to move to another service.

i am particularly disappointed that you have chosen to single out ana. she was hugely responsible for promoting your service early on, bringing hundreds of users , including myself ,to you.

if you are going to start suspending people who advertise themselves or their work in their journals, i suggest you broadcast a post to everyone so that half your paid users can move elsewhere.

dave moyer (user names farbel and i)

David Scott Moyer
Artist in Residence at

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