i (i) wrote,

for my reference ----------------- = promo/shomo

Ponga - Pimba 6:18

that was ponga, from their self-titled 1988 released with a song called Pimba. my name is dave and you are tuned to community radio 91.3, KXCI.


towards the bottom of the hour i have a song for you by hothouse flowers that always fills me with hope. (something we could all use more of these days). right now, here are two other things we need, Love and Money.

Love and Money - Halleluja Man 4:35
Peter Gabriel - Lead a Normal Life 4:13
Lambarena - Sakanda 5:32

What an amazing CD that is. It is called Lambarena, and is a blend of Harmonic chants from Gabon, the music of Bach, and Tango from Argentina, among other styles. The song you heard was Sakanda. The only place you will hear anything like this is right here, at KXCI, real people, real radio. before that you heard Peter Gabriel from 1980 with Lead a Normal Life, and we started out with Halleluja Man, from Love and Money.


Now, as promised, here are Hothouse Flowers, with Thing of Beauty.

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