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there is something incredibly exhilarating about riding a bicycle through water as deep as the middle of my shins, passing cars and whooping at the top of my lungs.

earlier i took shelter under a porch roof as hailstones the size of quarters bounced off cars, breaking windshields and making the street look like a west texas yard covered in white gravel.

for the record, paintballs hurt more than hailstones.

in other news, i just took a part time job as a dishwasher since the solar store still hasn't got their act together and enabled me to get my rebate. i'll be working three morning shifts at a new coffee shop not far from my house. hopefully it will be temporary. i have some interest in a painting, and i am taking my stuff to sedona next month. if it wasn't for the solar store and HUD stiffing me, i'd be clear all the way to my tax return without selling any paintings. oh well, i like dishwashing (really!) and i'll eat for free.
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