i (i) wrote,

my video of pulp fiction has a couple of outtakes at the end of the tape. in one of them, uma thurman's character, mia, is asking john travolta's character, vinnie, interview tyoe questions before they go out, taping him as she goes.

mia: in conversation, do you listen, or wait to talk?

vinnie: i have to admit that i wait to talk, but i'm trying harder to listen.

how would you answer that question?
my answer would be just like vinnie's. that's why i think i communicate so much more effectively here. here, i am forced to "listen" to the other person all the way through, consider what they said, and then plod through typing out an answer. i can't interrupt, and it's a lot harder to fit a keyboard in my mouth than a foot. if i say something i shouldn't, i can usually go back and erase it before the other person "hears" it.
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